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If you have any trouble with the site, please contact April Seiden at april@governorsclubnc.com.

Login Instructions

When you log in to the website you will be prompted for your member number and password, which is initially set to your last name.

Your member number begins with the first letter of your last name followed by 4 digits (i.e., X1234). If your member number contains fewer than 4 digits, you must insert 1, 2, or 3 zeros before your member number to fill the spaces (i.e., X0123, or X0012, or X0001).

For memberships with two members, the first member will use the member number (i.e., 1234) and the second member will use the member number with -1 appended to it (i.e., 1234-1).

Once you log in, you will immediately be asked to change your password and update your member preferences. Upon completion, you will have a personally selected password, and you will not be asked to update preferences when accessing the website. Changes can be made to your password and preferences anytime by using the links on the left side of the Members Home Page.